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baby bunny!

Now what?

Frequently Asked Questions For New Owners

How can I transport my bunny home? 

A small pet carrier is ideal but if you don't have one yet, you can lay a towel inside a small cardboard box with an open top in your passenger side or back seat floorboard. Most bunnies won't even move. Keep in mind your bunny is pretty stressed being out of their normal environment. 

We are home but why is my bunny hiding? 

Your rabbit may need some time alone or to calm down for a bit after your travels. Your bunny may hide from you if you let it loose at home or it may be perfectly fine. Much depends on the rabbit and the environment. If your bunny is in a pen and not a hutch, give them a small cardboard box with two exits cut out for them to rest in. 

How much water should my bun have? 

Whether you choose to use a bottle or a bowl or some combination, always make sure your bunny never runs low or out of water.  In the first few days at your home, monitor your bunny to make sure he or she is drinking plenty and peeing plenty too. Be sure to clean those bottles well inside weekly.

How much should I feed my baby bunny? 

First on the menu is hay, hay and hay. Make sure you keep plenty of hay available for your new bun. For pellets, rabbits under 7 months can eat all the pellets they like and even have alfalfa hay as a regular treat.  Go light on all the veggies at first, introducing only one at a time. Never iceberg lettuce. 

Can I just hold my rabbit please?

You can if want to but by nature, rabbits are animals of prey and as such, are always thinking something is going to eat them. Some bunnies are fine but if your bunny wriggles, scratches or nips at you, it's most likely just scared. Be patient. I have seen one of our own buns 

What's the best way to interact with my new bun?

Generally speaking, rabbits don't like to be picked up, or to be in high places. Find a place to sit down near your rabbit and give them time to come to you. Coaxing them with a bit of leafy green veggies gets them use to being near you. Just try not to grab them too much till they warm up to you. 

Why did my bunny just pee on me? 

Depending on the age and the sex of your bunny it could be they just had to go and now you are all wet. It happens. Sometimes they want to mark their area and maybe even you. This shouldn't happen too often. There is lots to learn about rabbits and their potty habits. Be patient and research more online. 

How often do I need to change bunny's litter? 

Usually every other day is sufficient but some bunnies are super good with their potty training so maybe every day. It may depend on the rabbit or if you have more than one rabbit in a habitat. Use good judgement. Never use wood shavings as a litter base as their toxins can be harmful. 

My bunny is pooping in pellets and some soft, stinky poop too. What's that about? 

Although your bunny is mostly potty trained, they will poo outside of their litter pan. Most will be little pellets that are compact and dry and sometimes you may see soft, mushy pellet or even a group that looks like a bunch of tiny grapes.  

Is my rabbit eating its own poop from its butt? 

That soft poop you may see from time to time is usually just eaten directly by your rabbit from its own bottom. This poo is called cecotropes and is full of nutrients and is an important part of keeping your bunny healthy and happy so don't freak out. Click here for a drawing of your bunz tummy. 

Why does my rabbit like to chew on everything? 

Bunnies by nature love to explore and forage for things to eat. They have a natural tendency to chew so it is very important you provide them with  plenty to chew on or they will find it themselves like chair legs, electrical cords and baseboards.  Now, we are back to hay. Make sure your bun has unlimited hay always. It is also smart for your to give bunnies a cardboard box to explore in and of course dig, scratch and chew on. Lastly, a good way to keep them busy and to keep their teeth filed down is to give them plenty of apple sticks to chew on. Most buns love them! 

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