Helpful Videos for Better Rabbit Care 

Sunshine Rabbitry makes no claims to ownership of any of these videos. We have chosen to display these videos as they are more in line with HOW we BELIEVE these subjects Should be addressed for rabbit owners or those thinking of owning a rabbit. .

What Kinds of Toys Do Rabbits Like? | Pet Rabbits

There are loads of safe, cheap and even free toys you can get for your bun to play with. Mary and Amy walk us through some of their favorites in this short video. 

What to Consider before Buying a Rabbit | Pet Rabbits

So we're talking today about what to consider before acquiring a rabbit. And I say acquiring rather than buying because many people buy rabbits from stores not realizing that you can adopt them from shelters or rescue groups.

How to Rabbit-Proof Your Home | Pet Rabbits

So, rabbit-proofing when you live with an indoor rabbit is incredibly important because rabbits can literally kill themselves on household objects, so we want to talk about that a little bit.

How to Know If Your Rabbit Is Sick | Pet Rabbits

When my rabbits are sick one of two things happens, either they're sitting in a different position from what they usually sit in or they're doing something different with respect to eating.

Do Rabbits Shed? | Pet Rabbits

So many people ask, "Do rabbits shed?" And the answer to that is, "When do they not shed?" Actually they shed several times a year and there's a little debate about how often and how much each different breed sheds, and I brought an example today.

8 Common Myths About Rabbits | Pet Rabbits

Let's talk about some common rabbit myths and there are a lot of them. One myth about rabbits that we encounter all the time is that people think they're low maintenance. They are not low maintenance. Once you've taken care of a dog and a rabbit, you will know that a dog takes less time to take care of than a rabbit does.

How to Trim Your Rabbit's Nails | Pet Rabbits

So we're going to talk about how to cut your rabbits nails. And a lot of people have trouble doing this at home and they end up making it into a two person job. I've seen this in a clinic, sometimes in a clinic they have two people doing it. It's actually less stressful for the rabbit if you can just do it yourself as you do at home as I do at home.

Why It's Dangerous to Keep Rabbit Outside | Pet Rabbits

These are social animals, they live in social groups in nature and when you keep your rabbit in a hutch in the backyard, it's like keeping a dog in a dog cage in the backyard. It's forgotten, no social interaction. Out of sight, out of mind. If you're lucky, your child or your husband or your wife remembers to feed the rabbit once a day. 

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