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Don't just take it from us, here's what adopting parents
have to say about their Sunshine Lops and Dwarfs' rabbit. 

I can’t say enough about how
wonderful Sunshine Lops is!
[they] are quick to reply to any
questions, before and after you have your bunny home. They are committed to the wellness of the animals and are always there for suggestions and tips. They take the time to make sure your bunny is  prepared to go home, even making  sure they’re litter trained and perfectly socialized! I’ve absolutely loved working with them and look forward to having another one of their beautiful bunnies in my home soon!

Adrianna W. 

My kids wanted a bunny but I didn’t have any idea on how to deal with a bunny. She guided me through all the process and when i got it home after the bunny was ready, I felt so confident because I knew exactly what to do. It’s been a beautiful experience. Every time I have a question she is still so responsive. If you ever want a bunny, don’t go anywhere else! And the bunny was litter trained so when he came home, next day no more drops.

Cesarina D.

Sunshine Lops is 10/10 on service quality, education, and reliability regarding rabbit care and adoption. They kept in close contact with my fiance and I every step of the way from the day our babies were born to the day we picked them up. They are thorough in deciding where their bunnies end up, and take responsibility for their babies BEYOND any breeder I've ever known or met. They make it very clear what the expectation of care is for your buns, and are polite about it. Also, if you don't follow their Instagram, you should. They have so many cute bunnies! Highly recommend adopting from them if you are looking to have a bunny of your own.

Arressa G.

Sunshine Lops is incredible!
I love my sweet little bunny
- she was given to us well trained and very comfortable around people. You can tell that the owners really care about their bunnies and the
homes they go to. I can’t say enough  good about Sunshine Lops, and the sweet sweet lop
we got from them!

Lily L.

Such a wonderful breeder and amazing rabbits! All the bunnies are cared for with great love and attention, even litter trained. They make sure the bunnies go to a loving and responsible home and if you have any questions they're happy to respond, even after the adoption. It was such a wonderful experience I'd do it all over again knowing how excellent the rabbits are cared for. I'm very grateful I found Sunshine Lops!

Claudia H.

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