Meet the Sunshine Lops

Our Holland Lops are pampered at home in sunny Orlando, Florida. 

Listed below are our own Holland Lop bunnies. These rabbits are not for sale as they are pets or broods. Theses pictures are shown so you can see the parents of your own bunnies coming in 2021 and beyond. 

Holland Lop Does

Hare House's Clover- Broken Chinchilla

Donna's Nala - Black Tort

Ruger Ranch Tiana- Chestnut

Holland Lop Bucks

LOF Snoop Dog - Chestnut

LAM Jake - Black

About us

Founded in Orlando, Florida in 2019, was created to share our own experiences with our pet Holland Lop rabbits. In the beginning, it was just Lola, then Max but our love and curiosity for rabbits overwhelmed our home and today we reside with our Holland Lops, numerous Netherland Dwarf rabbits, two Australian Sheppards, two cats and oh, our children too.

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