Filtering through what you need 
and want for your own rabbit.

Emergency Kit Essentials

Before GI Stasis appears in your rabbit, be prepared to rescue you rabbit with these supplies. Read more on how to remedy GI Stasis here coming soon. 

Litter Supplies

Our top picks on affordable ways to keep your bunnies healthy and clean. 

Watch how to properly assemble your rabbit's litter pan here.  

Grooming and Shedding Solutions

Keep your bunz's coat, nails and all the rest shiny and healthy with these Sunshine Lops tested and approved grooming goodies. 

Toys and Such

Our latest and best ways to help keep you favorite lagomorph busy. 

Cleaning Essentials 

As a rabbit owner, you will be doing a lot of sweeping and wiping and cleaning and washing so we feature our tools and solutions here to how we get it clean and keep it clean in our own rabbitry. 

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