Rabbit FAQs from Sunshine Lops

Are your rabbits potty trained?

We get this question a lot! Since rabbits tend to pee and poo while they eat their hay, we place their hay inside their litter pans at an early age to help them learn where they need to "go". Since rabbits do love to explore their surroundings, there will be some pellets left behind wherever they travel but know that they do know where to go inside of their habitat so any mess is usually contained. You can read more on our website about litter training  here.

What breeds do you specialize in?

Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

How much do you charge for your rabbits?

Sunshine Lop rabbit prices start at $150 and go up from there depending on the breed and uniqueness of each rabbit. We usually post the rabbits on our Bunnies for Sale page with individual pricing as they are available for reservation.

What type of warranty do you provide ?

Although each rabbit we sell is hand-raised and cared for with great effort, once any rabbit leaves our rabbitry, we cannot guarantee what might occur. As such, Sunshine Lops does not offer any warranty, explicit or implied for any rabbits sold. This rabbity makes a point to only offer rabbits for adoption consideration when we believe they are grown enough physically to endure a change of environment positively. We always recommend anyone who adopts a rabbit, from us or any breeder to take their new pet to a rabbit-savvy veterinary doctor for an exam to establish a baseline for the rabbit's healthy and so you as an owner have a relationship with your vet in the event any future medical issues should arise with your bunny. 

About us

Founded in Orlando, Florida in 2019, sunshinelops.com was created to share our own experiences with our pet Holland Lop rabbits. In the beginning, it was just Lola, then Max but our love and curiosity for rabbits overwhelmed our home and today we reside with our Holland Lops, numerous Netherland Dwarf rabbits, two Australian Sheppards, two cats and oh, our children too.

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